You can now get some of my floral designs on shoes! Yes, shoes!!! Check out my store at Threadless.
Check out my HinterlandGirl shop on Society6 for newly created Abstract Images.
Check out my Art of Where shop for new designs on t-shirts, tote bags and much much more.
Here is the finished design for Wellington Brewery.
Coming soon to a bar near you... I was commissioned to create a coaster design for Wellington Brewery and their Series 6 Coaster edition. Below is a sneak peek at my design. 
Unicorn Babble is now part of Collective Arts Brewing Series 10!!!
A Posh Planner with my design Midnight Garden. Very fancy!
A couple of photos of World Explorer on it's beer can. Thanks Collective Arts Brewing!!!
Save the date! First show of 2018.
Response (and Responding)
A 4-person exhibition of exploratory work by Beverley Hawksley, Carmen Hickson, Supria Karmakar, and Tanya Zaryski 
Sunday January 14th – Sunday March 4th, 2018
Minarovich Gallery at ECFTA
Opening Reception
Sunday January 14th, 1 – 4PM
Response (and Responding) features the work of Beverley Hawksley, Carmen Hickson, Supria Karmakar, and Tanya Zaryski. Exploring the theme of art as embodiment of mindfulness, these four artists working in a variety of mediums, challenge themselves to engage more deeply with their individual and collective creative process. Response (and Responding) addresses the space between action and reaction; the quiet reverberations moving from the creative source to the maker and from the maker to the viewer. Opens Sunday January 14th and runs through March 4th in the Minarovich Gallery at the Elora Centre for the Arts.
In conjunction with the exhibition, “4 IN RESPONSE” (2017), a short film by Sandy McLennan exploring the collaborative art making process of Beverley Hawksley, Carmen Hickson, Supria Karmakar and Tanya Zaryski will be shown as part of the Elora Women’s Film Society Event on February 15th. Following the screening there will be a Q & A with the artists. Event begins at 6:30PM in the Harris Exchange at the ECFTA.  
NEW! October 2017  -   Collective Arts Brewing has selected another one of my illustrations for one of their amazing beers! "World Explorer" will now be featured in their Series 9 collection. Thank you Collective Arts!!!

All art begins with a mark. Someone famous said that and it's true. I will be exploring the mark for a new show in 2018. This will be an exploration of my own processes as it pertains to how my mind works with my body to create a visual.

Rabbits Kissing is part of the Collective Arts Brewing Urban Art Series 7 collection!'m in great company with artists from 15 countries on 65 new labels which were selected from over 2000 submissions. Rabbits Kissing is label #23 and I can't wait to post a picture of it on a beer bottle.
Rabbits Kissing merchandise available at
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